Nitric Acid Free Passivation

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POLINOX OxiPassiv is a passivation process that is free from nitric acid. POLINOX OxiPassiv meets or exceeds the effect of common passivation processes based on nitric acid.

POLINOX OxiPassiv is an immersion solution for the treatment of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel. Both stabilized as well as non-stabilized materials can be treated.

POLINOX OxiPassiv rapidly establishes the protective passive layer on the stainless steel surface and hence ensures optimal corrosion resistance. The field of appli-cations is:

  • rapid former of a protecting passive layer after pickling processes
  • repassivation after mechanical treatment like grinding, polishing, brushing, abrasive blasting
  • removal of free iron

POLINOX OxiPassiv reduces the forming of NOx gases by spraying during parts transfer.

Treatment with POLINOX OxiPassiv creates a uniform surface appearance.

POLINOX OxiPassiv is supplied as a ready to use liquid.

POLINOX OxiPassiv is used via trickling or spraying processes. POLINOX OxiPassiv works at room temperature. After the treatment time the surfaces are rinsed with water. The rinsing water disposal needs no further processing.

Specific weight/density: 1.05 kg/l
Application: undiluted
Working temperature: +15 to +35°C
Time to act on surface: 5 to 30 minutes

  • nitric acid free passivation
  • does not affect the stainless steel surface
  • easy to handle, classified as non-hazardous good
  • removal of iron deposits on the surface
  • no costly rinse water treatment


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Single use canister 30 kg (27.3 l)