Poligrat: Creating Added Value.


Added Value through Surface Technology

In addition to the construction method and selection of materials, the quality of surfaces is a crucial factor in the performance and effectiveness of a component. Durability and operational availability are influenced to a considerable degree by the surface. The professional treatment of metallic surfaces significantly affects the suitability, performance and operating costs of a product.

For more than 60 years POLIGRAT has specialized in the development, production and application of special processes for the chemical and electrochemical finishing of metal surfaces.

POLIGRAT processes are bein used worldwide when the surfaces of complex components are required to meet the most stringent requirements of functionality or appearance and their production carried out in a safe and cost-effective manor .

POLIGRAT processes are available for


  • All types of materials
  • Workpieces of all shapes and sizes, irrespective of their hardness and mechanical stability, also products with internal bores, hollow spaces and apertures.