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Poligrat: Creating Added Value.


We manufacture and supply plants specially for POLIGRAT surface processes.

We supply turnkey plants including pre- and post-treatment and environmental technology to enable our customers to implement POLIGRAT processes and products in situ.
The plants are specially adapted to the specific requirements of the customer and the processes used, taking into account legal and official regulations (specialized company under the terms of the Federal Water Act/ WHG). They guarantee safe continuous operation with optimal results.
We offer comprehensive instruction sessions and training and support our customers in the drawing up of applications for the acquisition of official approval.

  • Serial and special plants or chemical and electrochemical polishing and deburring
  • Pickling and program-controlled pickling chambers with closed circulation systems for immersion and spray pickling
  • Liquid waste processing systems

We can provide

  • Immersion tanks for stainless steel with volumes of up to 90,000 litres and pickling areas for spray pickling even large-scale components
  • Electropolishing plants with volumes between 60 litres and 85,000 litres.
  • Special equipment for
    – Polishing the insides of tubes
    – Processing batches of small parts
  • Mobile plant for pickling and electropolishing large-scale components which cannot be moved.

POLIGRAT offers a comprehensive programme of pickling and passivating plants for non-rusting steel and titanium:

  • Immersion tanks operated by hand or by crane with a volume of 40 to approx. 200,000 litres
  • Spray pickling chambers with program-controlled execution including greasing, pickling and passivating and the associated rinsing processes. The plants are developed as containers and can be hermetically sealed. They include circulation management and the regeneration of the chemicals and liquid waste processing. The amount of chemicals employed lies at less than 1m³ and is therefore not subject to official approval. The size of the pickling chambers is flexible in line with customer requirements.
  • POLINOX spray pickling equipment for the large-scale application of sprayable pickling pastes (e.g. POLINOX FL Aktiv) on free-standing components.

POLIGRAT offers a comprehensive programme of electropolishing equipment:

  • Immersion baths for operation by hand or using a crane, as well as semi and fully automated equipment with volumes from 30 to approx. 30,000 litres for processing individual or series parts on contact frames.
  • Barrelling plant of the POLIQUICK and POLIBOX systems for the precise and cost-effective processing of large numbers of small parts.
  • POLILINE for electropolishing magnetizable small parts in a continuous process
  • Continuous reel-to-reel systems for processing wire, strips and chains
  • Tube polishing plant for processing the inside and outside of tubes and pipes.

POLIGRAT offers a comprehensive programme of plants and equipment for chemical deburring and polishing:

  • Tanks which can be operated by hand or by crane, as well as semi-automated and fully-automated equipment for treatment in baskets or on jigs.
  • Drum equipment for processing large batches of pourable small parts
  • POLILINE for the processing of magnetizable precision plarts in a continuous through-feed process
  • Reel-to-reel installations for wires, strips and chains
  • Tube-polishing plants for the internal polishing of tubes up to a length of approx. 8 metres

For applications using POLIGRAT processes, POLIGRAT can supply special, optimized plant for the processing of the resulting wastewater. The plants are robust and reliable. They require little effort as regards both operation and maintenance. They can be erected as free-standing units and require no construction work such as ditches etc.

  • Construction series ANS is a compact unit of collection, reaction and sedimention containers for small amounts of wastewater up to 2m³ per day.
  • Construction series AN and ANK can be used for treating larger amounts of wastewater without (AN) or with (ANK) limewash processing.

For applications not covered by the plant programme, POLIGRAT can supply special plant which are developed and built individually to meet special requirements. They include

  • Plants and equipment for polishing the inside of large containers outside tanks
  • Plants and equipment for processing the inside of formed and installed piping.
  • POLIWELD plant and tools for local or large-scale electropolishing of free-standing surfaces outside tanks by means of tampon technology.
  • Plants for coating metal surfaces with POLIANT or POLISEAL
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Engineering & Development

POLIGRAT has at its disposal an efficient department of Engineering, Research and Development.