Chemical Polishing and Deburring Process for Copper and Brass

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CuproChem is a highly efficient chemical process for the deburring and smoothening of brass. Copper material can be deburred and brightened to a com-parable quality as electropolishing. The degree of brightness achieved on brass is strongly influenced by the concentration of lead in the brass alloy. A low lead content (i.e. alloys MS 60/63) achieves better brightness.

Wide processing window:

  • short polishing time: 1 – 3 min.
  • process temperature: 30 – 35 °C
  • consistent results and process parameters rightfrom the start up to an upper metal loading ofapprox. 50 g metal/l

Due to the fast metal removal and efficient chemical consumption, the process is ideal for the chemical deburring and cleaning prior to chemical polishing processes (i.e. CuproChem) or coating processes (i.e. Ag-plating)

CuproChem is an immersion process. The parts to be treated can be processed either on jigs, in bas-kets or as bulk goods in rotary barrels.

The process sequence consists of two process steps:

  • In the 1st process step (CuproChem D 100) theparts are cleaned free from oxidation.
  • In the 2nd process step (CuproChem G 100) thesurface is smoothened and polished.

CuproChem and the rinse water from the process are acidic and contain the dissolved metal. They need to be treated and disposed of according to the statutory provisions and regulations.

  • high efficiency
  • rapid gloss creation
  • low processing temperature
  • no generation of toxic processing gases


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DKK GBK Single-use cans 10 kg (10,1 l)
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DKK GBK Single-use cans 30 kg (30,5 l)
Mixing for 100 l ready to use electrolyte:

CuproChem D 100
DI water 87 l
sulphuric acid (96%) 9 l
hydrogen peroxide (35%) 2 l
CuproChem DKK2 l

Mixing for 100 l ready to use electrolyte:

CuproChem G 100
DI water 83,9l
sulphuric acid (96%) 0,6 l
hydrogen peroxide (35%) 13,5 l
CuproChem GBK 2,0 l