MoCheck 304/316

Stainless Steel Testing Liquid

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Stainless steel alloyed with Molybdenum is frequently used for ambitious applications. However, Molybdenum con-taining steels are often not clearly labeled and stored with other types of steel.
Analytical determination of the exact type of stainless steel is unfeasible in everyday practice. In most cases it is sufficient to determine if the stainless steel contains a Molybdenum alloy.
MoCheck 304/316 provides a quick, reliable and inexpen-sive test for identifying stainless steel with a Molybdenum content over 0,15%.

A drop of MoCheck 304/316 applied to a horizontal, clean surface dissolves the Molybdenum out of the steel alloy and within a few minutes causes a brown discoloration of the test liquid.
If the Molybdenum concentration is low (below 0,5%) a blank test on a known piece of steel as a standard is advised. In the case of high Mo-concentrations the drop of MoCheck 304/316 will be discolored chocolate brown. If there is no discoloration within the first few minutes, the Mo-content is under 0,15%.
The test should be done at room temperature (15-25°C). Prior to each application the test mixture should be thoroughly shaken. After the test the metal surface has to be thoroughly rinsed with water.
MoCheck 304/316 contains approximately 9% hydrochloric acid. During the application the working instructions have to be followed. MoCheck 304/316 is supplied in two separate components which while separate can be stored for up to two years. To make MoCheck 304/316 ready to use component 2 is filled into the larger bottle and mixed well by shaking with component 1.
In a sealed container the mixture will retain it’s test properties for at least 6 months. Only one drop of the mixed solution is required per test.
The packaging yields about 1.000 drops.

Flashpoint: inflammable
State at room temperature:liquid
Application: undiluted/neat
Yield: about 1.000 test drops

  • easy to use
  • fast test method without additional equipment
  • reliable
  • low testing costs


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Fluid 18 g

Liquid, in two-component
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Liquid, in two-component
packaging units

2x Fluid 48 g