Gray coloring of titanium and titanium alloys

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Titanium is characterized by a high ratio of strength to density (4.5 g / cm³) in the alloyed state and by high heat resistance. These properties are used in aerospace, aircraft and medical technology.

Titanium is protected by an anodic coating of a titanium oxide layer to prevent cold welding (screws and nuts), for example. Further on in medical technology the titanium oxide serves as a biocompatible surface.

TITAN COLOR T2 is a two-step anodizing process for the gray coloring of titanium and titanium alloys by plasma discharge. It produces on the surface of work pieces a gray titanium oxide layer, which corresponds to the specification AMS2488.

The layer consists of a firmly adhering, mechanically very stable gray titanium oxide layer and a loosely whitish adherent coating. The coating is removed by a suitable blasting method, e.g. with walnut shell blasting material.

TITAN COLOR T2 is supplied ready for use and used in immersion bathing. The work pieces can be processed on a jig.

The rinsing water from the process is strongly alkaline. It is to be treated and disposed of according to the statutory laws and regulations.

The thickness and color strength of the titanium oxide layer is determined by the anodizing voltage.

Specific weight/density: 1.08 g/ml
Application: undiluted
Working temperature: +20 to +40°C
Anodizing voltage: 36-50 V
Current density: max.0.1 – 5.0 A/dm²

  • Corresponds to specification AMS2488
  • Short processing times
  • Surface passivation of titanium
  • Chemically resistant and mechanically very stable surface

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Single-use canister 30 kg (26.41 l)
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Barrel 217 kg (200 l)