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WeldCleaner Premium

Electrolytical Pickling and Polishing Unit

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WeldCleaner Premium is an industrial pickling and polishing tool for professional use to clean and polishing stainless steel welds and surfaces. The tool is especially designed to perform the rework and treatment of small surfaces fast and reliable.

WeldCleaner Premium operates with carbon fibre brushes. Depending on the selected operation modes (AC/DC) either welds are cleaned from scale or a polished and bright surface is achieved. Various sizes and forms of the brushes reach even bended and tilted weld zones. Cleaning and polishing inside of tubes and flanges is possible too.
Small arcs generated at the tip of the carbon fibres remove discolorations as well as scale and roughness peaks.

WeldCleaner Premium is designed for the industrial use with a heavy duty metal case, extended cable length, high peak current up to 400 A ( 140 A continuous output ).
The carbon fibre head is dipped into the electrolyte and will be moved slowly along the weld wi thout pressure. The electrolyte provides the correct conductivity and acts as cooling liquid at the same time.
The POLIGRAT electrolytes POLINOX WeldClean TIG, MAG or Polish will be selected according to the weld scale quality to be cleaned as well as the requested surface finish.

WeldCleaner Premium is laid out for the chemicals POLINOX WeldClean TIG, MAG und Polish.
Before start working pay attention to the operating manual including safety regulations and operating advices of the chemicals made from acids. Safety goggles, rubber gloves and protective clothing should be worn. Rinsing water and residual product must be disposed of according to the legal requirements.

Power: 3.5 KVA, 230V/50Hz
Continuous and peak current : 140/400 A
Operating modes: DC/AC
Cable length: 10 m
Weight: approx. 28 kg